At Scale for CCGs

At Scale Limited works with CCGs to help develop PCNs, assure mobilisation and support go live. CCGs have a key supporting role in delivering at scale services and working with PCNs and must consider future options in respect of the future commissioning landscape. CCGs have a lot to do to develop, support local practices and are often limited in the resource that can be applied to support such actions, particularly within the short timescales available.

CCGs can support PCNs set up effectively, ensuring they are resilient and fit for purpose, both now and going forward. There are potential major cost benefits if CCGs are able to commission future services more effectively via PCNs and other at scale providers so have a clear interest in ensuring a thriving and sustainable supply market. CCGs may also have concerns to assure aspects of financial management, clinical staff employment and service delivery arrangements best suited to local requirements.

Our PCN Accelerator is a pre-populated project management tool specifically designed to support the development of PCNs. It includes all the tasks and project management knowhow PCNs need to accelerate their mobilisation and operation providing the CCG with assurance in respect of all PCNs. The PCN Accelerator covers all the steps network practices must take to develop and deliver an operational PCN and to ensure the PCN remains sustainable.

Our team has extensive experience of delivering change in primary care. We have facilitated the hard decisions practices must make to allow them to work at scale, including the development and delivery of primary care networks. Our 20+ years’ experience of working at the sharp end of health and public services, business mergers across commercial sectors and assuring efficiency means we understand the reality of merging and collaborating in primary care.

Our team has a wide range of experience working in the delivery and commissioning of primary care, delivering at scale programmes and has first-hand knowledge of the development of successful at scale provision including assuring and managing the delivery of Octagon Medical Practice, the largest single patient list practice in the UK.