At Scale for GPs

At Scale Limited helps practices develop swiftly and robustly to respond to the NHS direction of travel, commissioning arrangements and contractual form. Clearly, PCN creation and mobilisation is THE key immediate step but practices need to be aware of potential implications of PCN membership and maintain an eye to effective and sustainable future operation. PCNs will lead primary care delivery forward and will likely be the focus for increased at scale working in future.

CCGs have a limited role to help PCNs set themselves up so practices must take urgent action to establish themselves to form their network and assure the plans. All participating practices must be confident their PCN will be resilient and fit for purpose. ATSCALE can help your PCN:

  • Ensure all PCN partners are clear about what being part of a network means
  • Establish a PCN assurance framework to ensure all practices are clear about mutual responsibilities
  • Plan and support the formation, direction and operation of your PCN including establishing a clear and consistent framework to assure the PCN is set up in a sustainable way
  • Provide a clear structure that assures consistency and sustainability across your area for all PCNs
  • Facilitate discussion and agreement between participating practices and your PCN on shared services and formation
  • Establish action plans and timetables to advise on options for collaboration, mergers and networking
  • Facilitate discussion and agreement within PCNs on a wide range of specialist subjects
  • Plan PCN mobilisation and operational go live

Our team has extensive experience of delivering change in primary care. We have facilitated the hard decisions practices must make to allow them to work at scale, including the development and delivery of primary care networks. Our 20+ years’ experience of working at the sharp end of health and public services, business mergers across commercial sectors and assuring efficiency means we understand the reality of merging and collaborating in primary care.

Our team has a wide range of experience working in the delivery and commissioning of primary care, delivering at scale programmes and has first-hand knowledge of the development of successful at scale provision including assuring and managing the delivery of Octagon Medical Practice, the largest single patient list practice in the UK.