What we do

Our services are focused on the development and delivery of Primary Care Networks, primary care collaborations and practice mergers, all of which enable organisations to work effectively at scale. Primary care organisations working at scale means better joined up services that are able to meet the delivery challenges now and for the future.

We work with:

Our support combines hands on expertise and experience with project specific tools that have been developed to meet the needs of at scale working in primary care. Those tools help accelerate your journey to delivering more joined up services via your PCN, service collaborations and practice mergers. They include:

  • Primary Care Network Accelerator, our unique pre-populated project management tool specifically designed to support the development of PCNs. Includes all the tasks and project management knowhow you need to accelerate your PCN through mobilisation to operation. The Accelerator covers all the steps network practices must take to develop and deliver an operational PCN and to ensure the PCN remains sustainable.
  • ATSCALE Accelerator, a proven, pre-populated project management tool specifically designed to support the development of primary care practice mergers and collaborations. The Accelerator covers all the steps practices must take to collaborate or merge, deliver effective services and remain sustainable.

Both Accelerator tools support the rapid delivery of primary care projects and each contain all the relevant tasks, timetabled in the right order so you can deliver your project more easily. We have developed the programme framework so you can focus on delivering the tasks.

We understand resources are scarce and you need to maintain the day to day running of practices. Our team will work closely with you to set up your project and get it started, allocating all the tasks and localising the timetable to suit your needs. We can provide more assistance and support if you need that.