Sutton PCN Workshop – Feedback

We detailed the PCN training day for Sutton PCNs in another blog post, but we wanted to share feedback from some of the attendees… (Thanks to all who attended, it was a very valuable experience)

Thanks again Rachel and Alice and to all Sutton CDs for a fab day… Special thanks to Shazma and Louise for organising… lunch was really good. General Practice First!


On behalf of all CDs, thank you for a great day, it was very worthwhile having the time to discuss how we were going to start operationalising our PCN and the conversations we had between CDs, with the Federation and with the CCG were very useful and important. We look forward to receiving the slides. Rachel and Alice did a brilliant job in facilitating us, helping us focus on the task in hand and most of all, enabling us to summarise our ideas in a valuable way which helped greatly in presenting our thoughts to the Fed and CCG.


Thank you Rachel and Alice for facilitating a brilliant day.


It was a great day with lots of positive work, outcomes and contributions. Thank you Alice and Rachel.


If you are looking to run a PCN workshop, please get in touch with us, we would love to assist.