Remote Cross – Practice Resilience Support

At Scale provides Remote Cross – Practice Resilience Support

Struggling to co-ordinate cross-practice communications and contingent ways of working? What to prioritise, how and when? Sharing and enabling workforce. Talk to us about Remote Operational Support. We don’t need to be on site to ease the organisational strain

COVID-19 has meant relaxation of some Network DES asks and altered the focus of PCNs. Resources that would have been spent meeting the requirements of Year 2 DES are now focused to meet immediate needs. This has to be the time for PCN Clinical Directors to identify opportunities for cross-practice working to support the resilience of all member practices. This is the time for practices to pull together, strengthen working arrangements and build on existing collaboration and mutual support.

Next Steps 

Please give us a call or drop us an email for an informal chat via Rachel Edwards (email or mobile 07771 608773) or Alice Benton (email  or mobile 079685420006)