Primary Care Business Coaching: The Importance of Business Coaching for General Practice

As General Practice across the country strive to meet sustainable and stable practice provision and work towards the NHS Long Term Plan’s directives, General Practice face increasing pressure to create, develop and realise sustainable business plans – which in turn generates an ever-greater need for quality business coaching.

Here is why business coaching for General Practice is such an important factor in realising sustainable and stable service provision working towards the NHS Long Term Plan goals.

General Practice Business Coaching

The task of creating, developing and ultimately delivering the goals of PCN business plans is not just about delivering improved integrated health and social care as part of the NHS plan but about doing so in a sustainable manner.

For those tasked with the administrative (business) side of things (i.e. clinical directors), this means dealing with specialist HR, legal and financial issues; contracts, policies and training, as well as further development goals, sourcing and making the most out of networking opportunities and more.

Unfortunately, these “business aspects” of primary care networks are at best unfamiliar and in many cases completely new territories for most of the appointed clinical directors – making business coaching a must if PCNs are to deliver truly reliable, sustainable solutions to the goals set by the NHS.

Business Coaching for PCNs

Combining experience within both the wider public sector and the NHS with significant business management backgrounds across UK health services, the At Scale team has in-depth knowledge and practical experience of both private public and broader sector practices and trends.

We also know what does or doesn’t work in terms of leadership development and business growth and leadership development. Drawing on our combined years of experience and knowledge, we can provide you with the kind of business coaching that will allow your PCN’s business to excel within the ever-evolving primary health and social care landscape. Contact us today to learn more.