We support primary care transformation and help develop resilient and sustainable practices and our clients include general practices, GP federations and NHS commissioners.

“Having managed over 20 mergers and acquisitions as CEO in a number of large organisations, the process of merger and the presentation of a project plan was, in fairness, second nature. Engaging with the At Scale model was however a fresh approach which we collectively developed into a model that is fit for purpose in the health sector and, provides clear and visible progress on any at scale working.”

Alan BallManaging Partner and CEO of Octagon Medical Practice

“The process of uploading the documents and evidence was really easy to do, the At Scale team was supportive and assisted where needed, but its really intuitive and what I found to be really helpful was that the system looks at the evidence and can cross reference it to other parts of the project. This cuts down on repetition and unnecessary work. I also liked the fact that when documents are uploaded, you can see the project wheel turn green, this gives you immediate visibility of progress and attention.”

Natasha WilkinsProject Manager Octagon Medical Practice

“As partners, it’s fair to say that our experience on mergers and project management is limited. Alan presenting the At Scale model made our role as a Board easier, in that we could easily understand and establish progress, made it simple for us to see assurance against the plan, and allowed us as a Board to give confidence to the other partners that we had a robust action plan in place”

Dr Kevin Stanton-KingChairman and Partner Octagon Medical Practice