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Primary Care Financial Risks Management: Thoughts on Managing Financial Risk in the New Primary Care Environment

Primary Care in England is changing, with merging GP practices and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) being key to that change – accompanied by the planned extension of the services provided by, coordinated by or funded through the new organisations.  Working with clients on implementing these changes, I am frequently asked what this means in terms […]

Working with a coach, is it really for me?

So, we have all heard about coaching, both to individuals and organisations, but there’s a huge gap between hearing about them and recognising what they can offer. The NHS Ten Year Plan (click for a downloadable PDF) provides insight to both effective resources and the need for operational and innovative leadership to drive collaboration. You may […]

Why Should I Collaborate?

Collaboration is a much-used word and is the fallback shortcut for many things that bring general practices together like working at scale, Primary Care Networks and practice mergers. But is there common understanding of what it means, any perception of why it is important and above all, why we should care? This blog tries to […]