IIFs and buts and what the new PCN arrangements really mean – book a call with our team

We’ve had a good look and a digest of NHSEI’s plans for PCNs for the next 18 months, issued at the end of last month. We’re picking up consistent feedback from our PCN and GP clients. Key comments relate to the context of limitless workload, critical workforce gaps and the added demands of flu and covid booster campaigns.

Oh, and also that winter is just around the corner… Where is the headspace for PCNs to work through and plan for the new requirements? And how do we know if we’re directing our energy and resources on outcomes our patients will notice? And that’s where some extra support, now, can help …

Like sorting out your IIFs from your buts. Sorting must-dos from breaking points. And having help to make a proper plan.

Our experienced team can help you navigate it all. And provide practical ideas and advice to keep you on top of the DES and most importantly, to keep your network together and pulling in the same direction.

Start by booking one of our introductory calls for some facilitated thinking and planning time. Click the link below and book a call with us.