Effective PCN Project Management: Online Project Management Tools

For PCNs to meet not only their own business plans’ objectives but the wider objectives of the NHS Long Term Plan, effective PCN project management is a must.

At Scale’s online project management tools & online project tracking tools can help PCNs on the road to success.

Project Management

Let’s start by looking at what project management is and what it involves: Every well-run organisation or company has a business plan detailing its specific goals (objectives) and a timeframe within which these objectives are expected to be met.

Every one of these objectives represents a project: an effort to create/implement a unique result, service or product within a specific timeframe. It is important to remember here that this is not about operational work, which basically encompasses all continually ongoing (daily routine) work, but about the specific (project) work required to deliver the required changes on time.

To do so, you must create a time-bound, realistic and consequently achievable project management plan that all stakeholders must “buy in”. Such a plan is not just about managing people, but about managing a diversity of:

  • Process groups, which include initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closing (completing) diverse projects, and
  • Knowledge areas, which include management of your projects’ scope, time/cost and integration; human resources, communication and quality; stakeholders, procurement and risks.

PCN Project Management

So, what does this mean for your PCNs and why is project planning important for you? Allow me to take you back to my recent post about business planning, where I discussed the importance of creating a business plan detailing your PCNs objectives for your network, your staff, patients, the wider community and your health/social care partners within the NHS reform’s context.

As it is, every one of your business plan’s objectives – i.e. the varying steps required to deliver/implement the changes/challenges determined by the NHS Long Term Plan – represents a specific project.

These projects revolve around transformation, implementing changes and delivering improved health & social care services. They include, among others, filling client capacity, redesigning services and how they are delivered; filling new roles within your network, cooperating with other service providers and governance; operational resilience (sustainability) and business turnaround, as well as dealing with any potential risks, challenges and stumbling blocks you may face along the way.

Meeting your objectives means successfully completing your projects – and to do so, you must have the ability to effectively plan, monitor and, if necessary, amend these projects.

“MORE WORK”, I hear you groan, but trust me, in light of the ever increasing workload, opportunities and risks; people, expenses and stakeholders; scrutiny and ever more complex arrangements your PCN is expected to deal with, effective project management is imperative if you are to have any hope of success.

Yes, effective project management sounds like a daunting prospect on top of everything else you have to get on with, but thankfully, you do not have to do this on your own – At Scale is here to help…

At Scale Online Project Management Tools

Bringing years of experience and extensive sector knowledge and project management skills to the table and blending them with your resources, we have the know-how and online project management tools to help you effectively manage all aspects of your projects from developing your project strategies (objectives, enablers and results) and defining, delivering and optimising your projects’ scope to analysing and evaluating your projects, assessing project maturity and project realisation.

What’s more, our online project tracking tools enable us to continually monitor, review and, if necessary, recover (i.e. suggest/implement changes to bring a project threatening to exceed its allocated time frame back on track) your projects.

To learn more about how we can help you simplify the process of managing your invariably complex projects with the support of our At Scale and PCN Accelerators, please contact us online or drop us an email at:info@at-scale.co.uk today.