At Scale welcome our new Director Rohney Saggar-Malik

At Scale are delighted to welcome on board our new Director, Rohney Saggar-Malik. We’ve worked with Rohney for many years across a range of projects so we are very excited she’s finally agreed to become a Director.

It’s often the case that services are developed, redesigned and implemented based on limited user interaction. Many organisations struggle to understand how their services really should be designed. Rohney has a wealth of experience working across local government, health and social care and community organisations leading complex change programmes where the voice of the service user and community groups have been critical to their successes.

Rohney joins us at a time when the need to work across services taking a fully integrated approached to develop co-production of services is never more critical to improving the health and wellbeing of our population.

Those familiar with Rohney will know about her love of leading complex transformation projects in local government, health and social care. And about her tireless passion for undertaking real engagement that changes people’s lives. For those that don’t, keep your eyes peeled too as Rohney will be putting forward some really valuable case studies, discussion points and checklists to move your projects forward.

In the meantime, join us in welcoming Rohney and take the opportunity to ask her about community engagement and participation by those seldom heard in the co-design of your services.