What is ATSCALE Readiness Plus?

How Much Does it Cost?

The price for the assessment is £2,500 plus VAT. That prices includes a personalised PDF report five minutes after you complete the assessment, an initial 60-minute telephone conversation with one of our at scale advisors, a one-day onsite visit by one of our at scale advisors to explore your plans and actions in more detail, a gap analysis and outline project plan to help you towards going live and access to tools proven to accelerate at scale working in primary care.

Your CCG or GP Federation may have already agreed an area-based programme with us. If so, that will provide you free access to the ATSCALE Readiness Plus assessment. Ask your CCG or Federation about their programme with ATSCALE Limited.

How Do I Get Started?

First, complete the signup form on this page. Read our Privacy Policy for assurance about how we value and handle your data securely. At the end of the signup process, there are various online payment options that allow you to simply complete the payment.

Okay, I’ve Registered. Now What?

Once you have completed the signup process, simply login below using your login and password and you will be taken straight to the ATSCALE Readiness Plus assessment. If you have forgotten your login and/or password, drop us a line on info@at-scale.co.uk and we will get you sorted out.

Part of a CCG Programme?

Some CCGs have commissioned At Scale Limited to deliver at scale support programmes to all practices in their area. If your CCG has already done this and provided your practice with an assessment coupon, click on the button “In a CCG with a Programme”

Not part of a programme?

If your CCG has not commissioned At Scale Limited to deliver at scale support programmes, click on the button “Not part of a CCG Programme”