At Scale Tools

Accelerate your projects

We have developed project Accelerators that help you get your projects up and running quickly and turbo charge delivery times. Both are pre-populated with all the tasks, timescales and outcomes you need to deliver a practice merger, service integration, collaboration or establish your Primary Care Network (PCN).

The At Scale Accelerator and PCN Accelerator both provide sophisticated project management capacity using a simple to use online tool. Both provide access to a suite of project management tools that significantly minimise your need for expensive project management resources. Each Accelerator includes:
  • Prepopulated objectives, results and tasks tailored to completing a practice merger, service integration, collaboration or establishing your PCN
  • A predefined project plan with suggested timelines that can be simply customised to meet your own project’s needs
  • A comprehensive risk assurance and governance framework that includes task allocation and RAG reporting to provide accountability and transparency
  • A secure document repository that provides a structured document library for logging supporting evidence of task achievement, reports and service specific and legislative documents
  • Real time online reporting ranging from board level to team member level reports in a variety of formats
  • Detailed or visual view of the project’s business maps and interdependencies allowing you to understand the interconnected nature of tasks

Both Accelerators are pre-populated with tasks that are specific to the respective type of project. This means you don’t have to spend valuable resource identifying the detail of what you have to deliver. It’s been done for you. Your resources can be spent delivering each task (we call them Enablers) that in turn will complete Results and deliver Objectives. Simple RAG rating always keeps you abreast of progress.

Automated project reporting provides a 24/7 project snapshot and allows more detailed reporting at the push of a button when you need it. The risk and governance management built into each Accelerator provides assurance that your project is addressing issues in the right way.

At Scale’s Accelerators are online tools that can be securely accessed via any web browser. They can be deployed quickly and have the flexibility to incorporate the detailed requirements of your project.

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Our tools are web based, simple to use and are accessible across all participating services meaning clarity and consistency in your project.

High level view of the At Scale Accelerator and PCN Accelerator. Click to see more details about each Accelerator.

The At Scale Accelerator supports at scale projects to merge GP practices and develop collaborations and integrated services.

The PCN Accelerator helps you accelerate mobilisation and operation of your PCN and incorporates outcomes from the PCN contract

Both Accelerators are pre-populated with relevant tasks for each project and appropriate project management timetabling to help you accelerate completion of your project. At Scale will provide set up and training to allow your project to commence quickly.

We also provide hands on support, expertise and experience to help you deliver your project.