At Scale Direct Start Workshop: Merton PCN Wokshop

A big thank you to all the Clinical Directors who came along yesterday to the PCN Direct Start Workshop organised by Merton CEPN. It was a genuinely insightful session exploring local progress, the wider requirements and expectations for PCNs and the support that may be required to ensure continued development and PCN maturity.

Following a working lunch, the session was facilitated by At Scale directors Ken MacNeill and Alice Benton with interaction from everyone present. There were some interesting themes discussed including the business of PCNs, generating positive engagement, the wider system asks, the challenge of meeting the needs of the diverse population across the patch, maximising funding opportunities, how the Federation can support the PCNs and identifying the current support needs.

Further PCN Facilitation and Support

The At Scale team was available to discuss potential ways in which the local CEPN may be able to assist groups of, or individual, PCNs in sourcing support and training in business and financial planning, asset mapping, organisational development and leadership training. PCNs can also contact us here to learn more.