At Scale Accelerator

The At Scale Accelerator (ASA) is a proven, pre-populated project management tool specifically designed to support the development of primary care practice mergers and collaborations. The ASA covers all the steps practices will need to take to collaborate or merge. The ASA contains all the prompts, actions and milestones across four organisational areas.

High Level View of the At Scale Accelerator – Accelerating Service Collaboration and Practice Mergers

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The diagram above provides a high-level view of the ASA showing the simplified interface of the tool. This simple way of reporting provides an easy way to show the project’s status, identify any bottlenecks or overrunning tasks. It allows progress to be monitored across your merger team, assuring you that all necessary tasks are being addressed.

The ASA is a proven, practical, online project management tool adapted specifically to support practice mergers, collaborations and at scale working within primary care. It contains all the actions required to accelerate the development, mobilisation and operation of your merger or at scale project. The ASA is pre-populated with all the prompts, actions and milestones across four organisational areas. The tool has been tried and tested to support practice mergers and service collaborations including helping the biggest single patient list practice in the UK successfully accelerate its go live date, Octagon Medical Practice.

Based on years of experience of delivering successful mergers and transformation, we developed the At Scale Accelerator (ASA) to provide a clear structure to help practices merge. We started by identifying what has to be done and the sequence of those tasks.

The result is the At Scale Accelerator. Tried and tested in real life mergers (including the very biggest in the UK), the ASA provides a sophisticated guide to achieving your merger in rapid time. Combined with At Scale’s hands on support, this will allow you to deliver your at scale journey:

  • Without having to employ extensive project management resources
  • Without having to worry if you have missed something
  • Using your own resources and a programme tailored to your needs
  • By involving and informing partners and staff of what they are required to complete and by when