At Scale Accelerators - Under The Bonnet

This section provides more detail of what lies below and under the bonnet of our Accelerators, providing greater detail of options available to users.

Our Accelerators are built using the Qorex platform (, a software application designed to help deliver business strategies by optimising the delivery of transformation portfolios, programmes and projects. At Scale and Qorex have worked closely together to develop Accelerators that are designed to help our health and social care clients enable change programmes to get up and running quickly, supporting project managers through standard templates, risk management, benefits management and automated reporting.

Our Accelerators are pre-populated with all the objectives, results and actions required of the particular project, whether that is a practice merger, service collaborations or implementation of a primary care network (PCN). Our Accelerators are is more than just project management tools, simple to use and rich in functionality.  Yes, it allows you to produce project plans, risk and issues. logs and a variety of reporting. Yes, it has a document repository and suite of standard documents that allow you to save all your material in one place and share the experiences of others.


Reporting on your project is very easy. We have built in snapshot reports, Gantt charts, risk log, project team and stakeholder directory, RAG-rated views of the project’s progress and reports that list on individual team member progress. All at the push of one button, all available online 24/7 or by email and all using the latest project information. No more uncertainty if your project information is the latest. It’s all there for you to access via your browser. 

Enablers can be reported on by person allocated, those nearing a completion date and not yet started, priority setting and by those with attached notes or documents. The reporting functions can be tailored to your project.

Project Action Completion

But the key benefit of using one of At Scale’s Accelerators is that we have already done the thinking for you. We have identified all the actions and interdependencies needed to complete your project. Here is a high-level schematic that shows the level of detail built into our Accelerators. This diagram shows a generic “wheel” but go to At Scale Accelerator (for practice mergers and service collaborations) or PCN Accelerator (for establishing PCNs) for the specific detail of those projects. Here is what a typical project RAG-rating wheel could look like. The Accelerators allow you to drill down to any level at any time, at the click of a mouse button.

The Accelerator allows you to allocate tasks and actions (we call these ENABLERS) to individuals or groups of people, set the date, tolerances and parameters for completion and all the inter-related links for that Enabler. This helps you identify how completing an Enabler in one part of the project can influence completion in another part.

Our Accelerators support you complete the action and identify the implications of delay for example. In effect, doing the thinking for you. You are in complete control of setting the timescales, allocating Enablers to your team and setting the level of material you need to evidence completion. Here is a typical Enabler entry box – each Enabler can have a lot of detail attached to it or very little, it’s your choice.

Business Maps and Interdependencies

Each Enabler is allocated a priority and is linked to other Enablers to allow you to create and customise your own interdependencies. This pre-population means you don’t have to waste valuable resources mapping out what is to be done, in what sequence and by when. We’ve done that thinking for you. And of course, you can add to the list, so your project reflects your own local needs. You can edit the timelines, so it fits in with what you want to achieve. All available online via your browser. Our team will help you set up and establish your project and help you get started. With a wealth of team experience and expertise we can help you deliver the project too if you want that help.

At Scale tools help accelerate you, whatever stage you’re at in your journey, to working at scale. We can work alongside your team to provide support and combine our hands-on expertise and experience with your own team so they quickly become confident using a project management tool developed to meet the needs of your at scale working.