8 Kent and Medway CCGs are to merge to form a single CCG

Having worked with health clients across Kent and Medway, there is most certainly the desire to deliver high quality population health services. So the news that 8 Kent and Medway CCGs are to merge to form a single CCG, voted for by GPs in West Kent in September planned for 1st April 2020 is welcome.

There has been much talk about CCGs merging and the benefits this brings. At Scale organisational development is key to driving improvements and it’s great to see this merger has the go ahead.

But and it’s always a but how will the merger deliver at patient level, at population level and when? How will staff within the services feel and see change for the better?

Health chiefs in the region state a single CCG will save time, money and effort, freeing up GP time to see patients, and staff and GP time to develop new integrated care partnerships and primary care networks.

Additionally, the CCGs emphasise that the single CCG will “use its substantial buying power to increase value for money for the taxpayer.”

NHS Improvement have given conditional approval to allow the merger subject to conditions being met. One of the conditions includes the delivery of the financial recovery plan this year and clear plans for how the financial position of Kent and Medway will continue to improve.

It suggested this is one of the biggest health service shake-ups of 2019. Leading to cost savings, greater purchasing power, reducing fragmentation and duplication as well as identifying and securing stronger national funding bids.

For more information, please click the link – https://thiis.co.uk/eight-ccgs-to-merge-into-one-with-plans-to-use-its-substantial-buying-power-to-increase-value/