That future NHS thing…

The new direction for NHS plans has been well trailed with the thoughts and plans more or less in the public domain. But it’s still nice to have them in black and white (or at least the modern media equivalent). So what’s the main upcoming issues for primary care?

Well, as anticipated, the focus for the next years will be on developing capacity, networks and neighbourhoods, bringing primary services care together to provide greater at scale commission ability. And of course, the old chestnut, delivering more (or being more efficient, as it’s often called).

The devil’s in the detail

All positive if you look at the bigger picture, but the devil’s in the detail as the saying goes. How to deliver changes, how to fund transition and for the purists amongst you, where’s the capacity? All very key issues along with loads of others but I am guessing these three will feature on a lot of lists to your version of Santa.

And getting into the mindset of the national planners can be tricky. Leaving aside any bigger political issues (surely we’re all at the “for goodness sake” place), making sure we understand the direction of travel, big picture, landscape and any other term you use, is vital. At a detailed level, personal turmoil always results from change. Always has, always will. Basic human instinct. But your instincts of fight or flight are key to what you do about it. Fight and thrive or flight and …… And what? Burying heads has its place but the best examples of survival tend to involve looking at an issue, developing plans to meet it and executing those plans, refining as we go.

To help you decide which is best, the news that funding follows function may help you. Future deliverers of primary care services are not likely to be the same as those in the past. Whilst that may sound logical, change is often traumatic but i have not come across many examples where the flight thing delivered anything better for those doing the flying. And if you’ve some great examples that challenge that view, comment here as I welcome all thoughts.

Takeaway: Make yourself aware of what’s coming, develop your road map to thriving in 2019 and beyond, plan your execution well.