What is the ATSCALE accelerator and how can it support CCGs?

What do CCGs get when they use the ATSCALE accelerator (ASA)?

Assurance: a clear view of the programme means you can communicate with all stakeholders with certainty and confidence, especially on project-critical aspects like regulatory or legal compliance

Consistency: in programme structure and reporting, the Accelerator provides a familiar set of actions and results that must be achieved in order to collaborate or merge

Transparency: progress or delays are equally visible thanks to always up to date ‘snapshot’ reports instantly available on any aspect or view of a project

Simplicity: a pre-populated, RAG-rated set of actions allocated to specific project owners makes the status of an action and the project clear at a glance

Speed: the tool accelerates typical at scale project timetables, lowering demand on practice and CCG resources

Auditability: of all sections of the framework meaning clear accountability for actions, progress, changes and alterations made to the project. Associating actions with governance and regulatory requirements provides assurance the programme has appropriate control and oversight

Flexibility: the Accelerator can be customised to individual projects by turning off irrelevant or unnecessary functions; it can also be used to manage the newly formed entity in ‘business as usual’ mode

Efficiency: all project material and documentation is in one place — including documentary evidence that key actions have been taken and the cross-referencing of that evidence to other parts of the project

System-independence: No One Size Fits All.  The Accelerator supports all forms of collaborations and mergers leaving practices to choose an at scale form right for them

At the heart of the ASA ‘wheel’ is the participating practices’ project vision. Surrounding  that vision are the Objectives, Results and Enablers (tasks) that will deliver the at scale project. Each Enabler is linked to interdependent actions, is time-sequenced and has delivery target times. Completing all Enablers will deliver the Results and subsequently, achieve the project’s Objectives. All tasks are allocated to an individual; everyone knows what they have to do and by when.

Though the tool is highly intuitive, the ATSCALE service includes training for CCGs and GP practices in how to get the best out of it. Our aim is to make your transformation programme self-sufficient and easier to track, in service of the ultimate goal: the successful transformation of primary healthcare across your CCG.

The ATSCALE Accelerator is the only tool GP practices will need to manage their at scale projects and the only tool that CCGs will need to monitor at scale progress.